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Prep Your Online Business For Cyber Monday!

Online shoppers were estimated to spend a whopping $9 Billion between Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2019

Cyber Monday Checklist for eCommerce Shops:

-Plan your upcoming sales and organize your promotions.

-Create all marketing campaigns, promotions, and creative assets ahead of time. Wherever possible, schedule and automate everything. Dont’ forget the pieces you’ll need for your website, social media, email marketing sequences, ads, etc.

-Prepare for the best-case scenario: Ensure your website, your order fulfilment logistics, and your customer service team can all handle a drastic uptick in demand.

-Prepare for the worst-case scenario: Create solid contingency plans for anything that can prevent your business from hitting your goals. This includes inventory levels, shipping timelines, technology failure, etc.

-If your order fulfillment process can’t handle a huge increase in sales, partner with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider so all of your orders are shipped out quickly and efficiently this holiday season.

-Have Google Analytics set up on your site to capture important data.

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