Gurl Mobb Tips For Success - 8 Ways To Stay Motivated

1. Set your goals in baby steps

A lot of times we look at a task or goal and get immediately discouraged because it seems impossible to achieve. When we break those down into bite-sized goals, they become less intimidating and much easier to accomplish!

2. Make a Motivational Playlist

Music is known to be healing. It can instantly change your mood. Use it to get you going and keep you going!

3. Start your mornings with positivity

Having a morning routine is a must. It sets the routine for the day. If you can help it - DO NOT start your day with social media scrolling. Prayer, meditation and/or setting your intention for the day are much better ways to start your morning. Many successful millionaires say that avoiding your phone for the first hour of your day is imperative. Sounds impossible, right? But try it. It’s life changing...

4. Celebrate your small accomplishments Don’t wait until you reach the finish line to be proud of yourself. Being happy and grateful during the process is key. For every small goal you accomplish, give yourself a pat on the back. Be proud. Or, maybe even buy yourself a small gift.

5. Make “To Do” Lists

Again, the goal is to break your larger goals down into small steps. Write down the steps that it will take to achieve your goals. And cross them off your list as you go!

6. Partner up with fellow Gurl Bosses

There is power in numbers. As independent as we may to be - it’s always better when you walk with someone versus walking alone. There will be someone who has strengths in areas where you lack and vice versa. Never be afraid to ask for help and use your resources. ALL successful people do it.

7. Focus on the solution, NOT the problem

If we sat and thought about it in a negative light, we could name 100 things that are wrong or things that could go wrong. But what would we accomplish by doing that? Absolutely nothing. Focusing on the solution not only forces you to get it done - it programs your mind to be more positive which will aid in your success.

8. Motivation is great but it means nothing without action

You can pray, meditate and watch inspiring videos until you’re blue in the face. The reality is - success will not come to you if you don’t do the necessary work it takes to get there. We don’t always know what to do - that’s why making to do lists are important. We can refer back to them when we need to.

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