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Critics say, “women can’t have it all”


– a family, thriving business, luxurious lifestyle and girl power – but Mary Seats, aka Mz. Skittlez, has been proving them wrong since 2011 when she started her streetwear brand, Cupcake Mafia, with a mere $300. Despite launching with only a few hundred bucks, Skittlez showcased her unstoppable determination by turning Cupcake Mafia into a multimillion-dollar brand. 


In five short years, the company hit $2.4 million in sales with inventory sold in over 1,900 stores and 49 countries, rightfully securing its place as one of the largest pop culture fashion brands worldwide.    


Unlike her nickname, Skittlez’s bonafide journey to quintessential “girl boss” hasn’t always been so sweet. Grappling with childhood homelessness, struggling to heal after losing her sister to suicide and being “fired” from the flourishing Cupcake Mafia brand she built are just a few barriers that nearly derailed her success. And through it all, she never lost her resilience.


Skittlez regained control of her beloved Cupcake Mafia just 6 months after losing it, and today, she has built a prominent reputation as the Kris Jenner X Olivia Pope of Marketing. With an innate talent for turning small businesses into multimillion-dollar brands, she is a highly sought-after brand strategist connected to some of the hottest celebrities and industry leaders.


In her bestselling book, The Icing On Top Ain’t Always Sweet, she reveals her truth – a truth that has earned her guest appearances on top news outlets and as front-page features in popular magazines including Kontrol, Rolling Out and Source magazines.


Comfortable in front of audiences of large and small, Skittlez hits the stage with one goal – to use her story to motivate and empower women to live out their dreams. Her “tell-it-like-it-is” approach is infectious and refreshing and takes audiences from timid aspiring entrepreneurs to fearless girl bosses. 


As a mom, wife, mentor, speaker, CEO and founder of several multimillion-dollar brands, including The Icing Agency, Gurl Mobb and, of course, the Cupcake Mafia, Skittlez is showing the world that she hasn’t merely “found” a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow … she’s filling it with gold for herself and other girl bosses.

Welcome to Gurl Mobb— an online community dedicated to helping women achieve their dreams. 

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